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Aersys, Inc.

At Aersys, Inc, we're making industrial automation accessible to everyone. Our flagship product, the AerNode, is a modular robotic storage and retrieval system that lets retailers offer automated 24/7 curbside pickup and returns, and prepare for a world of automated stockrooms and last-mile delivery.

We’re a team of builders, problem-solvers, tinkerers, and nonconformists. We think from first principles, challenge assumptions, and understand the value of failing fast and failing often. Most importantly, we care deeply about creating a future worth looking forward to.


From two engineering students at Rutgers University, our team has come a long way. Visit our careers page to see how you can be a part of it!

Vallab Nayak

CoFounder & CEO
Leads mission, strategy, and product. Background in Industrial and Systems Engineering with experience in advanced robotics and entrepreneurship. Former small business owner and North American Regional Director at an international NGO.

Steven Gomberg

Head of Architecture
Leads software development and cloud infrastructure. Certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional with a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Extensive experience teaching cloud architecture and developing technical curricula.

Mandev Singh

Head of Engineering
Leads engineering, manufacturing, and installation. Background in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering with experience in rapid prototyping, design for manufacturing, and industrial design. Fmr CTO at Entractiv, a smart mirror startup.

Meet the Team

Nicholas Delello

Senior Software Architect

Sharuk Ozair

Senior Product Engineer

Hank Huang

Mechanical Engineer

Tarun Boddupalli

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Ivy Wang

Frontend Developer

Jon Ackerman

Software Developer

Suthi Karthik

Systems Engineer

Zach Waynor

Software Engineer
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