Automated inventory storage and mobility.
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Why Automate?

In a large warehouse, it is difficult to keep items organized, and many workers are needed to maintain this organization. With an AerNode, much of this work can be automated. AerNodes will automatically keep track of inventory and avoid wasted space, and the AerNode's modular nature also means that storage can expand as needed by adding additional storage modules. Some inventory can even become searchable: an employee could tell an AerNode they’re looking for a certain size screw or tool, and the container holding that item will be directly presented to them.

AerNodes can also integrate with other technologies. For instance, an AerNode can receive deliveries from rovers that move products across a warehouse floor. To make transportation even more efficient, the AerNode's API can be used to directly integrate conveyor belts with AerNodes. If automated robotic arms place items on these conveyor belts, then inventory management will be almost completely automated.

We also know that not every item is stored in the same way. Certain items need specialized storage conditions, which is why there are a variety of different storage modules for the AerNode. For instance, a moisture-controlled storage module is needed for moisture-sensitive equipment.

How It Works

Define your needs.

What are your package capacity requirements? How important Is package retrieval time? Would you like to integrate drones or rovers in the future?

Find a location.

The AerNode can be installed indoors or outdoors. The AerNode must be placed on a solid level surface. Make sure you can run power and data to the AerNode.

Configure your AerNode.

Once you know what you need and where you will place the AerNode, design yours online using our Configurator. See how different options affect the price, capacity, and performance in real-time.

Preorder your AerNode.

Pre-order your AerNode by placing a small refundable deposit. You do not have to configure your AerNode before preordering and we can help you with the configuration process.

Get Ready!

When we approach your spot in line, we'll send you relevant documents and the ability to select an installation date. You or an authorized employee must be present during installation.

Features & Benefits


Everything listed here and more is included in a single monthly subscription. No pricing tiers. No hidden fees. No upcharges. And the best part is, you can pause your subscription anytime!


Create one or more temperature-controlled zones within the AerNode to keep cold food cold and hot food hot. Receive a notification when an order has been left inside the AerNode for too long.


A seamless curbside pickup solution today will become a hub for autonomous vehicles in the not too distant future. AerNodes will always be compatible with new modules allowing you to expand functionality over time.


Our extensive collection of APIs allows you and delivery platforms to deeply integrate with the AerNode. For example, we can use driver location data to queue up orders and minimize order retrieval times.


Our team is constantly adding new software functionality to the AerNode. In fact, we often put extra hardware in the AerNode that we don't plan to use until later. We stay ahead of the curve so you will too.


We'll take care of regular maintenance and occasional hardware upgrades. Redundant sensors allow us to see when problems occur and predictive AI can warn us of problems even earlier to minimize downtime.


The AerNode is robust, secure, and well-engineered. Every AerNode comes with liability insurance to cover unforeseen damage caused by the AerNode. The AerNode itself is never your responsibility.


Want to change the kiosk theme for an upcoming promotion? Our online portal gives you powerful customization options that can be deployed instantly to all your AerNodes. No need for an expert.

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